At COP28 in Dubai, one year after its launch, the FCLP will proactively participate in the global dialogue on forest and climate action, showcasing progress and collaboration made over the past year, and highlighting the necessary actions for long-term systemic reforms with tangible examples of national and international efforts.


FCLP governments are demonstrating delivery on the Glasgow Leaders’ Declaration on Forests and Land Use through (1) maintaining high-level political leadership on forests, land-use and climate; (2) accelerating and scaling action focussed on the six major policy areas; and (3) accountability for commitments made.


Join us for a series of engaging forest-related events at COP28:



2 Dec 2023 – Press Release: World Leaders Double Down on Forest and Climate Action at Start of COP28  Leaders highlight their commitment to achieving 2030 national and international forest targets

2 Dec 2023 – Press Release: DRC Country Package Press Release

5 Dec 2023 – Politico, Saving the world’s forests through carbon markets isn’t just ‘greenwashing’ Article by Graham Stuart, British MP and the United Kingdom’s Minister for Energy and Net Zero; Samuel A. Jinapor, Ghana’s Minister for Lands and Natural Resources; and Vickram Bharrat, Guyana’s Minister of Natural Resources.

6 Dec 2023 – Statement: Initiative for Greening Construction with Sustainable Wood. A coalition of 17 countries commit to advancing policies and approaches that support low carbon construction and increase the use of wood from sustainably managed forests in the built environment.

Initiative pour rendre la construction plus écologique grâce au bois durable
Iniciativa para una construcción más ecológica con madera sostenible


8 Dec 2023 – Launch of the Platform to Support Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in Forest Climate Action by the FCLP’ IPLC area co-leads Peru and Norway, supported by the UK, Germany, DRC, Fiji, Colombia, Ecuador, the US, Costa Rica, and the Netherlands. See Peru’s government press release here.


9 Dec 2023 – Press release: Charting the Path to Halt and Reverse Forest Loss by 2030 – FCLP Members map strategy at COP28 high-level event


9 Dec 2023 – Scaling Investment in Forest Carbon Results and Credits: a Roadmap. A coalition of 15 countries have developed a roadmap identifying seven priority themes for strengthening and scaling investment in forest carbon results and credits.

FCLP Roadmap on Scaling investment in forest carbon results and credits: Frequently Asked Questions


9 Dec 2023 – FCLP Annual Report2023: Progress and Outlook  FCLP’s first annual progress report showcases FCLP members’ leadership, ambition and progress achievement against the GLD goals in this first year.


9 Dec 2023 – Progress Reports: Global Forest Finance Pledge 2022 progress report; Congo Basin Pledge Progress report 2022; Forest Tenure Funders Group (FTFG) annual report 2022/23


11 Dec 2023 – Country Packages Seed Fund Press Release: Launch of the Seed Fund for Country Packages for Forests, Nature and Climate 


11 Dec 2023 – Global Expert Review on Debt, Nature and Climate Press Release:  Colombia, Kenya and France launch global expert review on debt, nature and climate



WCAS Leaders’ Event: Protecting Nature for Climate, Lives and Livelihoods

The COP28 Presidency will host a leader level event on nature as part of the World Climate Action Summit. The event will highlight the importance of nature to meeting 1.5 degrees and how actions on Oceans, Mangroves and Forests will be essential to wider global climate, nature and development targets. This will include spotlighting of country packages for forests, climate and nature.

Date: Sat 2 Dec

Time: 12:30 – 13:45 

Venue: Al-Waha Theatre (Blue Zone)

Lead: COP28 Presidency

Media Advisory – Country Packages

Delivering on Glasgow: Halting and Reversing Forest Loss by 2030 

The COP28 Presidency, in partnership with the FCLP will convene ministers, the private sector and Indigenous Peoples representatives to assess progress on halting and reversing forest loss.

Date: 9 December 2023

Time: 16:30 – 18:00 GST

Venue: Al-Waha Theatre (Blue Zone)

Lead: COP28 Presidency


Media advisory – Delivering on Glasgow: Halting and Reversing Forest Loss by 2030


Colombia Presents the Socio-Ecological Transition

Colombia launches its Vision and Portfolio for Climate Action and Socio-Ecological and Just Energy Transition, which seeks to promote transition processes that contribute to strengthening governance and the construction of total peace and sustainable development in favour of life, generating viable economic opportunities.

Date: 2 Dec

Time: 10:00 – 11:00

Venue: Colombia Pavillion (Blue Zone)

Lead: Colombia

Engaging the Private Sector in the New Climate Economy for a Win-Win Collaboration

This event will discuss the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s New Climate Economy and feature leaders and partnerships in support of the plan.

Date: 2 Dec

Time: 16:00 – 17:30

Venue: Al-Hur UNFCCC Zone 

Lead: DRC

High Level Event on Nature and Water Finance for Climate Action

The COP28 Presidency will host a high-level event with representatives from MDBs, financial institutions and governments announcing actions and mechanisms to drive forward nature and water finance. This will include announcements on the use of debt instruments to increase fiscal space to invest in nature.

Date: 4 Dec

Time: 08:30 – 10:30

Venue: Al-Wakri (Blue Zone) 

Lead: COP28 Presidency

Buildings and Construction for Sustainable Cities

A high-level COP28 Presidency event, organized in cooperation with the GlobalABC, the Governments of France, Kingdom of Morocco and Canada, the Forest and Climate Leaders’ Partnership (FCLP), the BuildingToCOP Coalition and the High-Level Climate Champions Team, to mark the official launch of the Buildings and Cement Breakthroughs, as well as of the new initiative “Greening Construction with Sustainable Wood” under the FCLP. 

Date: 6 Dec

Time: 12:30 – 14:15

Venue: Al-Waha Theatre (Blue Zone)

Lead: COP28 Presidency

Launch of the Platform to Support IPLC in Forest Climate Action

A call to action to support indigenous peoples and local community land tenure and forest stewardship in tropical forest countries as a fundamental step towards an effective climate change mitigation measure. 

Date: 8 Dec

Time: 10:00 – 10:55

Venue: Peru Pavillion (Blue Zone)

Lead: Peru, Norway, FCLP, GATC

Standing at the Crossroads: Maximising Finance for Forest Carbon

There is no credible pathway to keeping 1.5 alive without protecting and restoring forests. Payments for forest carbon has the potential to play an important part in bridging the estimated $135 billion/year gap in forest finance. This event will showcase that is being done by the Forest Climate Leaders Partnership, LEAF and others to increase the volume of the finance available for forest credits, and so maximise environmental social and economic outcomes. 

Date: 9 Dec

Time: 11:15 – 12:00

Venue: UK Pavillion

Lead: UK

Supporting Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in Tropical Forest Countries 

The Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment, the Peruvian Ministry of Environment, the FCLP, and the Global Alliance of Territorial Communities will discuss collaboration on land tenure a key to advance Glasgow ambition.

Date: 9 Dec
Time: 14:45 – 15:30

Venue: Nordic Pavillion (Blue Zone) 

Lead: Norway, Peru, FCLP, GATC